Financial Market

Products for risk and investment management as well as capital market finance. In other words, we offer savings banks, institutional investors and companies instruments for hedging interest and exchange rate risks as well as structured bonds, certificates and products for investing in the money and capital market.


Debt Capital

Structuring of capital market mandates

Our team of experts provide you with a comprehensive range of products at the junction of the lending and capital markets worlds as well as quick and competent advice. Hamburg Commercial Bank focuses clearly on the changing market conditions.

Our team of experts handles the promissory note business for companies and municipalities.

We match the financing needs of our clients (companies, federal states, municipalities and municipal corporations) with the investment interest of our investor universe - based on capital market-oriented lending products and tradable fixed income products of all seniorities.

  • Pfandbriefe (covered bonds)
  • Treasury notes
  • Corporate bonds
  • High yield bonds
  • Promissory notes
  • Registered bonds

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Debt Capital Contact

Jan Eibich

Phone: +49 431 900-25311
Fax: +49 431 900-625311


Fixed Income Derivatives

Our specialists have the right solution for every situation when dealing with fixed income derivatives. Our team members are pleased to provide assistance with standard fixed income derivatives as well as with custom-tailored structured fixed income products.

  • Interest swaps
  • Interest and currency swaps
  • Swaptions
  • Interest caps
  • Interest floors
  • Interest collars
  • Digital caps and floors
  • Individually structured interest products
  • Inflation

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Fixed Income Derivatives Contact

Stefan Masannek

Phone: +49 431 900-25550
Fax: +49 431 900-75500


FX Products and Derivatives

What do economic developments in Japan have to do with your company?

Very little it may seem. But an economic collapse in Japan can have a major impact on your business - for example when a decrease in the value of the JPY makes your competitor's products cheaper.

  • How can you protect yourself from unfavorable exchange rate developments while still maintaining your anticipated business course?
  • How can you significantly reduce your interest burden without taking on foreign currency credit?

With client-oriented products and strategies, Hamburg Commercial Bank offers solutions for virtually all currency and foreign exchange challenges. Please contact us at a telephone number listed below.

FX Products and Derivatives Contact

Stefan Masannek

Phone: +49 431 900-25550
Fax: +49 431 900-75500


Money and Capital Market Products

Proficient consulting, highly professional and competitive prices

Our team of experts offers attractive money market prices and conditions complemented with a broad range of products and fast and proficient advise.

  • Call and term deposits
  • Repo and securities lending
  • Structured money market products
  • Short-term certificates
  • Bonds

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Money and Capital Market Contact

Thomas Benthien

Saving Banks & Institutional Clients

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